Video Watermarking Techniques With Attacks - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Digital watermarking is a technology used for the copyright protection of digital application. we have compressive approach for digital video watermarking is introduced, where watermark image is embedded in to the video frame, each video frame is decomposed in to sub images using 2 level Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Transform is applied for each block in the two bands LL and HH[1,2]. Combining the two transforms performance of the watermark algorithm is improved. The scheme is tested by various attacks.

Experimental result shows no visible difference between watermark frame and original video frame, it shows the robustness against a wide range of attack such as Gaussian noise, salt & pepper Noise, median filtering, rotation, cropping etc. The Proposed scheme is tested using number of video sequences. Its experimental result shows high imperceptibility. There is no noticeable difference between the watermark video frame and original video frame.