Scene Text Detection and Segmentation based on Cascaded Convolution Neural Networks- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Scene text detection and segmentation are two important and challenging research problems in the field of computer vision. This paper proposes a novel method for scene text detection and segmentation based on cascaded convolution neural networks (CNNs).

In this method, a CNN based text-aware candidate text region (CTR) extraction model (named detection network, DNet) is designed and trained using both the edges and the whole regions of text, with which coarse CTRs are detected. A CNN based CTR refinement model (named segmentation network, SNet) is then constructed to precisely segment the coarse CTRs into text to get the refined CTRs. With DNet and SNet, much fewer CTRs are extracted than with traditional approaches while more true text regions are kept.

The refined CTRs are finally classified using a CNN based CTR classification model (named classification network, CNet) to get the final text regions. All of these CNN based models are modified from VGGNet-16. Extensive experiments on three benchmark datasets demonstrate that the proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance and greatly outperforms other scene text detection and segmentation approaches.