Routing protocol for WSNs based on improved artificial bee colony algorithm - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Efficient and reliable routing protocol is one of the key technologies in wireless sensor networks, and it has been concerned by a lot of researchers. In light of the random selection of cluster head in low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy protocol algorithm, the residual energy of nodes, node location and node density are not considered.

Through theoretical deduction and mathematical calculation, the study found that it is a NP – hard problem. A swarm intelligence algorithm was introduced into the clustering algorithm of wireless sensor network, and an efficient and reliable clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) based on quantum artificial bee colony algorithm was proposed. Considering the residual energy of nodes, node location and node density, and the energy consumption of the network is balanced.

Experiments show that the proposed routing protocol outperforms other work in most cases by reducing the network energy consumption for WSNs by more than 13%, which indicates the feasibility of the authors’ approach for efficient and reliable routing protocol in wireless sensor networks.