Quadrotor simulation LQR Model and simulation - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


This work presents a dynamics study for a vehicle of the type quad-rotor helicopter. It consists of a central body and four beams joined to it. Each beam has a motor with two rotating wings at the far extreme.

The body is formed by a box with batteries and on-board computers for control and avionic functions. The wings give sustentation to the vehicle and give the possibility of controlling the orientation and translation of the system. The dynamic model of the vehicle takes account of the dynamics of the rotating wings and results in a non-linear system.

It is made a simplification by linearization of the nonlinear and unstable model for the attitude of the quad-rotor and it is designed a LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator) control with integral effect to track reference paths for the roll, pitch and yaw angles. After that, it is validated the designed control running with the nonlinear model of the Quadrotor. It is compared both types of behavior, linear and non-linear, following the reference.