Optic Disk Detection in Fundus Image Based on Structured Learning- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Automated optic disk (OD) detection plays an important role in developing a computer aided system for eye diseases. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for OD detection based on structured learning. A classifier model is trained based on structured learning. Then we use the model to achieve the edge map of OD. Thresholding is performed on the edge map thus a binary image of the OD is obtained. Finally, circle Hough transform is carried out to approximate the boundary of OD by a circle.

The proposed algorithm has been evaluated on three public datasets and obtained promising results. The results (an area overlap and Dices coefficients of 0.8605 and 0.9181, respectively, an accuracy of 0.9777, and a true positive and false positive fraction of 0.9183 and 0.0102) show that the proposed method is very competitive with the state-of-the-art methods and is a reliable tool for the segmentation of OD.