Mppt fuzzy logic pv matlab simulink model - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


A generalized photovoltaic array simulation model in Matlab/Simulink environment is developed and presented in this paper. The model includes PV module and array for easy use on simulation platform. The proposed model is designed with a user-friendly icon and a dialog box like Simulink block libraries.

Considering the effect of solar irradiance and temperature changes, the output current and voltage of PV modules are simulated and optimized using this model. A fuzzy logic based maximum power point tracker is also developed using the presented model in Matlab/Simulink. The maximum power point tracker is tested in changing environment of irradiance and/or temperature.

It can successfully track the maximum power point more accurately and quicker than conventional perturb and observe based controller in these situations. The overall test results validate the efficiency of the model as well as the fuzzy controller which can be used in related research works.