Linearization of a Conveyor Model Simulation - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Belt conveyor is one of main electromechanical systems in the coal transport system, its safe operation plays an important role in the whole coal output systems. As the belt conveyors get longer, quicker and bulkier, the traditional static design method already can not satisfy the requirement of actual engineering.

One of problems is that a huge peak belt tension induced by the starting and stopping process can't be investigated by the static analysis method, which would result in the belt rupture, coal vibration, belt slip on the drive pulley, uncontrolled running of the belt conveyor, belt fire and other safety accidents. Virtual prototype is a new developed technology in recent years, which consist of digital mock-up, functional virtual prototyping, simulated virtual factory and etc.

A model of belt conveyor and dynamic analysis is performed by the virtual prototype technology in this paper, which would provide a new way for the safety analysis and design of the belt conveyor.