Image Reconstruction using Matched Wavelet Estimated from Data Sensed Compressively - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


This paper proposes a joint framework wherein lifting-based, separable, image-matched wavelets are estimated from compressively sensed images and are used for the reconstruction of the same. Matched wavelet can be easily designed if full image is available. Also compared to standard wavelets as sparsifying bases, matched wavelet may provide better reconstruction results in compressive sensing (CS) application.

Since in CS application, we have compressively sensed images instead of full images, existing methods of designing matched wavelets cannot be used. Thus, we propose a joint framework that estimates matched wavelets from compressively sensed images and also reconstructs full images. This paper has three significant contributions. First, lifting-based, image-matched separable wavelet is designed from compressively sensed images and is also used to reconstruct the same. Second, a simple sensing matrix is employed to sample data at sub-Nyquist rate such that sensing and reconstruction time is reduced considerably.

Third, a new multi-level L-Pyramid wavelet decomposition strategy is provided for separable wavelet implementation on images that leads to improved reconstruction performance. Compared to CS-based reconstruction using standard wavelets with Gaussian sensing matrix and with existing wavelet decomposition strategy, the proposed methodology provides faster and better image reconstruction in compressive sensing application.