Illumination Decomposition for Photograph with Multiple Light Sources- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Illumination decomposition for a single photograph is an important and challenging problem in image editing operation. In this paper, we present a novel coarse-to-fine strategy to perform the illumination decomposition for photograph with multiple light sources.

We first reconstruct the lighting environment of the image using the estimated geometry structure of the scene. With the position of lights, we detect the shadow regions as well as the highlights in the projected image for each light. Then using the illumination cues from shadows, we estimate the coarse illumination decomposed image emitted by each light source.

Finally, we present a light-aware illumination optimization model which efficiently produces the finer illumination decomposition results, as well as recovering the texture detail under the shadow. We validate our approach on a number of examples, and our method effectively decomposes the input image into multiple components corresponding to different light source.