High Voltage Gain Half-Bridge Z-Source Inverter with Low Voltage Stress on Capacitors- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


In this paper, a new topology for half-bridge Z-source inverter (HB-ZSI) is proposed. The proposed topology has only one impedance network. Unlike to the conventional half-bridge inverter, the proposed topology can provide zero voltage level at the output. It also increases output voltage level and stabilizes it in the desired value.

Capacitor voltage stress in the proposed topology is low and therefore nominal voltage of capacitor and cost decreases. In this paper, the steady state analysis of the proposed inverter in two new operations which are named synchronous operation of diodes (SOD) and asynchronous operation of diodes (AOD) is conducted based on mathematics calculations.

A method to obtain high voltage gains by cascading the Z-network and combining middle inductors is presented that leads to cost, size and weight reduction. Comparison among the proposed converter with conventional ones shows its excellent performance. The experimental results have good agreement with analytical analysis for the proposed topology.