Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images With Image Fusion and Recursive Filtering - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Feature extraction is known to be an effective way in both reducing computational complexity and increasing accuracy of hyperspectral image classification. In this paper, a simple yet quite powerful feature extraction method based on image fusion and recursive filtering (IFRF) is proposed. First, the hyperspectral image is partitioned into multiple subsets of adjacent hyperspectral bands. Then, the bands in each subset are fused together by averaging, which is one of the simplest image fusion methods.

Finally, the fused bands are processed with transform domain recursive filtering to get the resulting features for classification. Experiments are performed on different hyperspectral images, with the support vector machines (SVMs) serving as the classifier. By using the proposed method, the accuracy of the SVM classifier can be improved significantly. Furthermore, compared with other hyperspectral classification methods, the proposed IFRF method shows outstanding performance in terms of classification accuracy and computational efficiency.