Electrolytic Capacitor-less Single-stage Boost Three-phase Inverter for Variable-speed AC motor System - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


This paper presents a single-phase to three-phase adjustable-speed drive (ASD) system, which consists of a diode rectifier and a single-stage boost inverter without electrolytic capacitors (E-caps). The system has no shoot through issues and gains high reliability due to the shoot-through zero state regulation method.

By using E-caps-less topology, the life time can be greatly increased. By properly designing the tapping position of the inductor, the system has a high boost inversion gain and can ride-through grid voltage sags. By using the proposed harmonic injection method, the system can realize high input power factor and small dc-link ripple voltage, simultaneously.

Experimental results of the electrolytic capacitors-less single-stage boost inverter (E-caps-less SSBI) based single-phase to three-phase ASD system are obtained to verify the actual performances.