Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Conventional visual secret sharing (VSS) schemes hide secret images in shares that are either printed on transparencies or are encoded and stored in a digital form. The shares can appear as noise-like pixels or as meaningful images; but it will arouse suspicion and increase interception risk during transmission of the shares.

Hence, VSS schemes suffer from a transmission risk problem for the secret itself and for the participants who are involved in the VSS scheme. To address this problem, we proposed a natural-image-based VSS scheme (NVSS scheme) that shares secret images via various carrier media to protect the secret and the participants during the transmission phase. The proposed (n, n) - NVSS scheme can share one digital secret image over n 1 arbitrary selected natural images (called natural shares) and one noise-like share.

The natural shares can be photos or hand-painted pictures in digital form or in printed form. The noise-like share is generated based on these natural shares and the secret image. The unaltered natural shares are diverse and innocuous, thus greatly reducing the transmission risk problem. We also propose possible ways to hide the noiselike share to reduce the transmission risk problem for the share. Experimental results indicate that the proposed approach is an excellent solution for solving the transmission risk problem for the VSS schemes.