Detection and measurement of paddy leaf disease symptoms using image processing - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Plants are one of the major resources to avoid the global warming in the world. But the plants are affected by the diseases like Blast, Canker, Black spot, Brown spot, Bacterial leaf Blight and Cotton mold. The objective of this paper is to recognize the paddy diseases. Some of the paddy disease is Blast Disease (BD), Brown spot Disease (BPD), Narrow Brown spot disease (NBSD), which stops the growth and protection of the paddy. Disease can infect paddy at different stages of growth and all parts of the plants as the leaf neck and the node.

The list of the paddy disease can be caused by bacteria, fungus etc. The methodology was designed to remove the noise automatic, error by human and minimizing the time taken to mensurate the affect of paddy leaf disease. And it also increases the accuracy. In this paper it survey, k-means techniques for paddy leaf detection and identification.