Detecting cardiovascular disease from mammograms using ANN - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Present technologies offer new methods in order to achieve and analyze the vital biological parameters. Continuous monitoring of these parameters represents the infrastructure of on-line systems that have the ability to prevent the sudden cardio-accidents.

Furthermore these data can be transmitted and analyzed via common telecommunication systems and in this way emergency medical institutions can generate real time reactions. We concentrated at heart rate variability determination considering that this is the main "code source" for cardio-accidents prevention. By using the photoplethysmography as new precise method to detect the heart rate, original data acquisition and signal analysis system of cardio parameters is proposed in this paper.

Error analysis of obtained results put in evidence the accuracy of proposed measurement method and data acquisition system. Further the combination between accurate real data and robust algorithms will constitute the core of expert systems that will accompany the persons with cardiac problems, first one for purpose of prevention and secondly for alerting the emergency institutions.