Brain tumor detection using class 3 fuzzy FCM threshold- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Brain tumor is an unrestrained expansion of tissues in the human brain. This tumor when a shift in cancer, life becomes very dangerous. So medical imaging, it is essential to find the exact spot of a tumor and its category. For detecting a tumor in magnetic resonance image (MRI), segmentation of MRI acts an essential task. In the medical field, the very complicated and main task is the brain tumor segmentation on MRI images.

If surgeons do the segmentation physically with their own experience, it takes more time. Therefore, different methods and systems which can do the segmentation automatically and without any disturbances are proposed by the authors. This paper introduces the fuzzy C-Means based segmentation techniques applied to MR Images for detecting a tumor. It includes the Fuzzy C-Means algorithm which is used to find affected the area of tumor which is helpful to choose nature of brain tumor.