An Efficient filter for video denoising with Poisson-Gaussian noise- MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


In this paper, we describe a new recursive NonLocal means (RNLM) algorithm for video denoising that has been developed by the current authors. Furthermore, we extend this work by incorporating a Poisson-Gaussian noise model. Our new RNLM method provides a computationally efficient means for video denoising, and yields improved performance compared with the single frame NLM and BM3D benchmarks methods.

NonLocal means (NLM) based methods of denoising have been applied successfully in various image and video sequence denoising applications. However, direct extension of this method from 2D to 3D for video processing can be computationally demanding. The RNLM approach takes advantage of recursion for computational savings, and spatio-temporal correlations for improved performance. In our approach, the first frame is processed with single frame NLM. Subsequent frames are estimated using a weighted combination of the current frame NLM, and the previous frame estimate.

Block matching registration with the prior estimate is done for each current pixel estimate to maximize the temporal correlation. To address the Poisson-Gaussian noise model, we make use of the Anscombe transformation prior to filtering to stabilize the noise variance. Experimental results are presented that demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method. We show that the new method outperforms single frame NLM and BM3D.