A decentralized energy efficient hierarchical cluster-based routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


Load balancing using clustering method is one of the most practical solutions, regarding to energy limitation in wireless sensor networks. Clustering protocols have to ensure reliability and connectivity in WSNs even in large scale environments.

In this paper, a new decentralized hierarchical cluster-based routing algorithm for WSNs is proposed. The most of energy consumption occurs due to transmission of messages, such as data and control packets. In our new approach clustering and multi hop routing algorithms are performing at the same stage to decrease control packets. According to non-uniform energy consumption among nodes, clusters are formed in such a way that cluster heads have the most competency in forwarding task of intra-cluster and inter-cluster transmission tree.

Energy consumption, adjustment degree and the exact distance that each data traverses to reach the base station are three main adjustment parameters for cluster heads election. Simulation results show that the proposed protocol leads to reduction of sensor nodes’ energy consumption and prolongs the network lifetime, significantly.