A Highly Reliable and High Efficiency Quasi Single-Stage Buck-Boost Inverter - MATLAB PROJECTS CODE


To regulate an output ac voltage in inverter systems having wide input dc voltage variation, a buck-boost power conditioning system is preferred. This paper proposes a novel high efficiency quasi single-stage single-phase buck-boost inverter.

The proposed inverter can solve current shoot-through problem and eliminate PWM dead-time, which leads to greatly enhanced system reliability. It allows bidirectional power flow and can use MOSFET as switching device without body diode conducting. The reverse recovery issues and related loss of the MOSFET body diode can be eliminated. The use of MOSFET contributes to the reduction of switching and conduction losses. Also, the proposed inverter can be operated with simple PWM control and can be designed at higher switching frequency to reduce the volume of passive components. The detailed experimental results are provided to show the advantages of the proposed inverter. Efficiency measurement shows that using simple PWM control the proposed inverter can obtain peak efficiency of 97.8 % for 1.1 kW output power at 30 kHz switching frequency.